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[ hyoo-man-i-tair-ee-uh-niz-uhmor, often, yoo- ]


  1. humanitarian principles or practices.
  2. Ethics.
    1. the doctrine that humanity's obligations are concerned wholly with the welfare of the human race.
    2. the doctrine that humankind may become perfect without divine aid.
  3. Theology. the doctrine that Jesus Christ possessed a human nature only.

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Other Words From

  • hu·mani·tari·an·ist noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of humanitarianism1

First recorded in 1825–35; humanitarian + -ism
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Example Sentences

Oswald had won praise for “humanitarianism and expertise in criminal rehabilitation,” according to the New York Times, and now he found himself shuttling in and out of Attica’s D yard to negotiate with the inmates.

It goes searching for a post-Cold War justification for it that it finds largely in conceptions of humanitarianism, that it basically puts in fatigues and calls the responsibility to protect.

From Vox

Like imperialism, the foundation of humanitarianism is that the West knows best.

In it is brought out the blended stoicism, humanitarianism, Buddhism, and agnosticism of the author.

I am not speaking of the highest and truest efficiency, or of the most far-sighted and most beneficent humanitarianism.

From Cornwall to Cape Wrath this county is one horrible, solid block of humanitarianism.

In fine, we have arrived at humanitarianism; humanity has become God.

Whence these opinions animated by the spirit of humanitarianism?