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[ hyoo-muhn-leeor, often, yoo- ]


  1. in a human manner.
  2. by human means.
  3. within the limits of human knowledge and capability:

    Is it humanly possible to predict the future?

  4. from or according to the viewpoint of humankind.


/ ˈhjuːmənlɪ /


  1. by human powers or means
  2. in a human or humane manner

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Word History and Origins

Origin of humanly1

First recorded in 1605–15; human + -ly

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Example Sentences

Generally speaking, you should keep your gadgets and apps updated as much as humanly possible.

With that knowledge, the District of Columbia government should be doing everything humanly possible to meet those residents.

The biggest lay-ups in this category include taking advantage of as many tax-deferred savings vehicles as humanly possible and keeping your trading to a minimum when investing in taxable accounts to avoid paying higher short term capital gains taxes.

From Fortune

When you can’t humanly work anymore, some will fall by the wayside, and some maybe already have.

You know, my job is to get them there as fast as humanly possible.

The Republican Senate would "do everything humanly possibly to repeal Obamacare," Cruz promised.

And anyway, if Brecht did not want us to feel for Mother Courage, why did he make her so richly shaded and humanly fallible?

There is a stillness in the early hours that feels to me the clearest, healthiest drug humanly available.

The Secretary of State has made it abundantly clear that he wants this whole process to be as drama-free as humanly possible.

Parkour is the art of getting from one place to another, on foot, as creatively as humanly possible.

They were, or as nearly right as it seems to be humanly possible for house painters to do, and I plodded up the road to dinner.

Now this, humanly speaking, is impossible; natheless it is rare sport.

Myself, I planned to take no chances; if it were humanly possible.

There was nothing unnatural in your mother's death; nothing which I humanly speaking, could have prevented.

Success made Samuel Clemens merely elate, more kindly, more humanly generous.





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