[ hyoo-muh-noid or, often, yoo- ]
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  1. having human characteristics or form; resembling human beings.

  1. a humanoid being: to search for humanoids in outer space.

Origin of humanoid

First recorded in 1915–20; human + -oid

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How to use humanoid in a sentence

  • What if, instead of saying oddly humanoid remarks like “I love cars,” Mitt decided to do more showing and less telling.

  • They're bipeds—lizardoid rather than humanoid—and are a fairly intelligent and law-abiding lot.

    The Stars, My Brothers | Edmond Hamilton
  • However, if the Spican was wearing a suit of plastiflesh that looked remotely humanoid, I would at least stay and talk to him.

    The Repairman | Harry Harrison
  • Vaguely humanoid in shape from the waist up, it was built more like a miniature military tank from the waist down.

    Unwise Child | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • Think of it this way—here's a race, obviously humanoid, on another star system.

    What Rough Beast? | Jefferson Highe
  • The Venusians proved to be a humanoid race of people who used telepathy for communication.

    Islands of Space | John W Campbell

British Dictionary definitions for humanoid


/ (ˈhjuːməˌnɔɪd) /

  1. like a human being in appearance

  1. a being with human rather than anthropoid characteristics

  2. (in science fiction) a robot or creature resembling a human being

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