Word Origin for humpty

C20: from humpty hunchbacked, perhaps influenced by Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme)
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Historical Examples of humpty

  • "Then wish for them, and fire off this," said Humpty Dumpty, handing her a cracker.

  • But I never heard that Humpty Dumpty did a lot o' squealin' when he bust.

    Wappin' Wharf

    Charles S. Brooks

  • Humpty only gets the same as we get, and has done ever since he's been born.

    The Cat and Fiddle Book

    Lady Florence Bell

  • You forget, Humpty, that he always made a fuss about Leonore.

    Leonore Stubbs

    L. B. Walford

  • Then, as gruffly as I, he said, "Humpty Dumpty--after the fall!"

    Bunch Grass

    Horace Annesley Vachell