/ hʊms /


  1. a variant of Homs

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Example Sentences

Outrageousness hums around these women, and an earthiness too: all have survived—and sometimes thrived from—their drama.

The small Turkish city of Kilis, on the border with Syria, hums quietly with rebel activity from the neighboring civil war.

While pop surveys come and go, a disdain for my fellow co-conspirators that cannot be ignored hums in the background.

He strokes the photocopier; he adores the machine, the way it flashes like lightning as it works, the way it whirs and hums.

The cosy fire is bright and gay, The merry kettle boils awayAnd hums a cheerful song.

The knife daily pierces the neck of the swine, and the kitchen wench wrings off the head of the fowl while she hums a ditty.

By breaking up the note at the sending station with a signalling key, the message was heard as a series of long and short hums.

Across 3500 miles of its barren wastes an undaunted telegraph line now "hums the songs of the glad parts of the earth."

She doesn't seem to remember anything about it and hums a little stanza from Santa Lucia.





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