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verb (used without object)
  1. to thrust oneself forward jerkily; lunge forward.
  2. to stand, sit, or walk in a bent posture.
  1. a premonition or suspicion; guess: I have a hunch he'll run for reelection.
  2. a hump.
  3. a push or shove.
  4. a lump or thick piece.

Origin of hunch

1590–1600; 1900–05 for def 5; apparently variant of obsolete hinch to push, shove, kick < ?
Can be confusedhaunch hunch

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stoop, huddle, squat, lean, hump, curve, bow, tense, bend, arch

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  1. an intuitive guess or feeling
  2. another word for hump
  3. a lump or large piece
  1. to bend or draw (oneself or a part of the body) up or together
  2. (intr usually foll by up) to sit in a hunched position

Word Origin for hunch

C16: of unknown origin
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Word Origin and History for hunched


originally (c.1500) a verb, "to push, thrust," of unknown origin. Meaning "raise or bend into a hump" is 1670s. Perhaps a variant of bunch. The noun is attested from 1620s, originally "a push, thrust." Figurative sense of "hint, tip" (a "push" toward a solution or answer), first recorded 1849, led to that of "premonition, presentiment" (1904).

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