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  1. a person who hunts game or other wild animals for food or in sport.
  2. a person who searches for or seeks something: a fortune hunter.
  3. a horse specially trained for quietness, stamina, and jumping ability in hunting.
  4. an animal, as a dog, trained to hunt game.
  5. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Orion.
  6. Also called hunting watch. a watch with a hunting case.
  7. hunter green.

Origin of hunter

First recorded in 1200–50, hunter is from the Middle English word huntere. See hunt, -er1
Related formshunt·er·like, adjective


  1. John,1728–93, Scottish surgeon, physiologist, and biologist.
  2. Robert Mer·cer Tal·ia·ferro [mur-ser tol-uh-ver] /ˈmɜr sər ˈtɒl ə vər/, 1809–87, U.S. political leader: Speaker of the House 1839–41.
  3. a male given name. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. a person or animal that seeks out and kills or captures gameFemale equivalent: huntress (ˈhʌntrɪs)
    1. a person who looks diligently for something
    2. (in combination)a fortune-hunter
  2. a specially bred horse used in hunting, usually characterized by strength and stamina
  3. a specially bred dog used to hunt game
  4. Also called: hunting watch a watch with a hinged metal lid or case (hunting case) to protect the crystalSee also half-hunter


  1. John. 1728–93, British physician, noted for his investigation of venereal and other diseases
  2. his brother, William. 1718–83, British anatomist and obstetrician
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Word Origin and History for hunter

mid-13c. (attested in place names from late 12c.), from hunt + -er (1). The Old English word was hunta.

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hunter in Medicine


[hŭntər]John 1728-1793
  1. British surgeon who founded pathological anatomy in England.
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