[ huhn-drid ]
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noun,plural hun·dreds, (as after a numeral) hun·dred.
  1. a cardinal number, ten times ten.

  2. a symbol for this number, as 100 or C.

  1. a set of this many persons or things: a hundred of the men.

  2. hundreds, a number between 100 and 999, as in referring to an amount of money: Property loss was only in the hundreds of dollars.

  3. Informal.

    • a hundred-dollar bill.

    • the sum of one hundred dollars.

  4. (formerly) an administrative division of an English county.

  5. a similar division in colonial Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia, and in present-day Delaware.

  6. Also called hundred's place. Mathematics.

    • (in a mixed number) the position of the third digit to the left of the decimal point.

    • (in a whole number) the position of the third digit from the right.

  1. amounting to one hundred in number.

Idioms about hundred

  1. keep it one hundred, Slang. to remain completely genuine or authentic; be totally honest or truthful. : Also keep it 100 .

Origin of hundred

before 950; Middle English, Old English (cognate with Old Frisian hundred, Old Saxon hundred, Old Norse hundrath, Dutch honderd, German hundert ), equivalent to hund “a hundred” (cognate with Gothic hund; akin to Latin centum, Albanian qind, Greek hekatón, Avestan satəm, Sanskrit śatám, Old Church Slavonic sŭto, Lithuanian šímtas ) + -red “tale, count,” from Germanic rath, akin to Gothic rathjō “number, account” (see read1)

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/ (ˈhʌndrəd) /

nounplural -dreds or -dred
  1. the cardinal number that is the product of ten and ten; five score: See also number (def. 1)

  2. a numeral, 100, C, etc, representing this number

  1. (often plural) a large but unspecified number, amount, or quantity: there will be hundreds of people there

  2. the hundreds

    • the numbers 100 to 109: the temperature was in the hundreds

    • the numbers 100 to 199: his score went into the hundreds

    • the numbers 100 to 999: the price was in the hundreds

  3. (plural) the 100 years of a specified century: in the sixteen hundreds

  4. something representing, represented by, or consisting of 100 units

  5. maths the position containing a digit representing that number followed by two zeros: in 4376, 3 is in the hundred's place

  6. an ancient division of a county in England, Ireland, and parts of the US

    • amounting to or approximately a hundred: a hundred reasons for that

    • (as pronoun): the hundred I chose

  1. amounting to 100 times a particular scientific quantity: a hundred volts

Origin of hundred

Old English; related to Old Frisian hunderd, Old Norse hundrath, German hundert, Gothic hund, Latin centum, Greek hekaton

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  • Related prefix: hecto-

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see by the dozen (hundred).

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