verb (used without object)

to feel hunger; be hungry.
to have a strong desire.

verb (used with object)

Rare. to subject to hunger; starve.


    from hunger, Slang. deplorably bad; dreadful: The styles in coats this winter are from hunger.Also strictly from hunger.

Origin of hunger

before 900; Middle English; Old English hungor; cognate with German Hunger
Related formshun·ger·ing·ly, adverbhalf-hun·gered, adjectivepre·hun·ger, noun

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a feeling of pain, emptiness, or weakness induced by lack of food
an appetite, desire, need, or cravinghunger for a woman


to have or cause to have a need or craving for food
(intr; usually foll by for or after) to have a great appetite or desire (for)

Word Origin for hunger

Old English hungor; related to Old High German hungar, Old Norse hungr, Gothic hūhrus
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Word Origin and History for hunger

Old English hungor "unease or pain caused by lack of food, craving appetite, debility from lack of food," from Proto-Germanic *hungruz (cf. Old Frisian hunger, Old Saxon hungar, Old High German hungar, Old Norse hungr, German hunger, Dutch honger, Gothic huhrus), probably from PIE root *kenk- (2) "to suffer hunger or thirst." Hunger strike attested from 1885; earliest references are to prisoners in Russia.


Old English hyngran (cf. Old Saxon gihungrjan, Old High German hungaran, German hungern, Gothic huggrjan), from the source of hunger (n.). Related: Hungered; hungering.

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hunger in Medicine




A strong desire or need for food.
The discomfort, weakness, or pain caused by a prolonged lack of food.
A strong desire or craving, as for affection.
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