hunting spider

  1. another name for wolf spider

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How to use hunting spider in a sentence

  • It was a female black hunting-spider, the so-called American tarantula.

    The Forgotten Planet | Murray Leinster
  • This is a hunting spider, chasing its prey through the grass or lurking under stones, especially in damp places.

    Book of Monsters | David Fairchild and Marian Hubbard (Bell) Fairchild
  • During one entire summer until late in autumn, a large, black hunting spider (Lycosa) dwelt in my piano.

    The Dawn of Reason | James Weir
  • It occurred to him that he, Burl, had killed a hunting spider—a tarantula—upon the red-clay cliff.

    The Forgotten Planet | Murray Leinster
  • A small boy of the tribe had breathlessly told of seeing a hunting-spider killed by the red dust.

    The Forgotten Planet | Murray Leinster