[ huhks-lee ]
/ ˈhʌks li /
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Al·dous (Leonard) [awl-duhs], /ˈɔl dəs/, 1894–1963, English novelist, essayist, and critic.
Sir Andrew Fielding, 1918–2012, English physiologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1963 (half brother of Aldous and Sir Julian Sorell).
Sir Julian Sor·ell [sor-uhl], /ˈsɒr əl/, 1887–1975, English biologist and writer (brother of Aldous).
Thomas Henry, 1825–95, English biologist and writer (grandfather of Aldous and Sir Julian Sorell Huxley).
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British Dictionary definitions for Huxley

/ (ˈhʌkslɪ) /

Aldous (Leonard) (ˈɔːldəs). 1894–1963, British novelist and essayist, noted particularly for his novel Brave New World (1932), depicting a scientifically controlled civilization of human robots
his half-brother, Sir Andrew Fielding, 1917–2012, English biologist: noted for his research into nerve cells and the mechanism by which nerve impulses are transmitted; Nobel prize for physiology or medicine shared with Alan Hodgkin and John Eccles 1963; president of the Royal Society (1980–85)
brother of Aldous, Sir Julian (Sorrel). 1887–1975, English biologist; first director-general of UNESCO (1946–48). His works include Essays of a Biologist (1923) and Evolution: the Modern Synthesis (1942)
their grandfather, Thomas Henry. 1825–95, English biologist, the leading British exponent of Darwin's theory of evolution; his works include Man's Place in Nature (1863) and Evolution and Ethics (1893)
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Medical definitions for Huxley (1 of 2)

[ hŭkslē ]
Andrew Fielding Born 1917

British physiologist. He shared a 1963 Nobel Prize for research on nerve cells.

Medical definitions for Huxley (2 of 2)

Thomas Henry 1825-1895

British biologist who championed Darwin's theory of evolution. His works include Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature (1863) and Science and Culture (1881).
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