[ hahy-druh nt ]
/ ˈhaɪ drənt /


an upright pipe with a spout, nozzle, or other outlet, usually in the street, for drawing water from a main or service pipe, especially for fighting fires.
a water faucet.


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Origin of hydrant

An Americanism dating back to 1800–10; hydr-1 + -ant

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/ (ˈhaɪdrənt) /


an outlet from a water main, usually consisting of an upright pipe with a valve attached, from which water can be tapped for fighting firesSee also fire hydrant

Word Origin for hydrant

C19: from hydro- + -ant

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Word Origin and History for hydrant



1806, a hybrid coined in American English from Greek hydr-, stem of hydor "water" (see water (n.1)) + -ant.

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