hydraulic mining

  1. placer mining using a pressurized stream of water.

Origin of hydraulic mining

An Americanism dating back to 1855–60
  • Also called hy·drau·lick·ing [hahy-draw-li-king, -drol-i-king]. /haɪˈdrɔ lɪ kɪŋ, -ˈdrɒl ɪ kɪŋ/.

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How to use hydraulic mining in a sentence

  • Deep mining may be divided into drifting and hydraulic mining.

    The A B C of Mining | Charles A. Bramble
  • Then ten miles further one is in the heart of the most extensive hydraulic mining operations of California.

    The Lake of the Sky | George Wharton James
  • They are using hydraulic mining up there, another wholesale way.

  • The party of spectators stood well out of the way, for the work of hydraulic mining has attached to it no little danger.

    Ruth Fielding In the Saddle | Alice B. Emerson
  • My attention was aroused to the fearful effects of hydraulic mining as we journeyed on ever upward.

    A Flight in Spring | J. Harris Knowles