/ (ˈhaɪdrɪə) /

  1. (in ancient Greece and Rome) a large water jar

Origin of hydria

C19: from Latin, from Greek hudria, from hudōr water

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How to use hydria in a sentence

  • When the Egyptians sacrificed a pig to the moon, "the first sacred emblem they carried was a hydria, or water-pitcher."

    Moon Lore | Timothy Harley
  • In matters of detail, a hydria in Munich, No. 125, 66 offers the best illustration.

  • The kalpis (Fig. 187) and krossos were modifications of the hydria.

    The Ceramic Art | Jennie J. Young
  • The kados is the first of the vessels for drawing liquids, of which class the hydria (Fig. 188) is the best known.

    The Ceramic Art | Jennie J. Young
  • On one, a Vulcian hydria of archaic style, a naked and bearded combatant bears a leaf-shaped sword without a guard.