[ hahy-muhn ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Hyman was jealous of her success, and he could be condescending and cruel.

Snails, similar to many invertebrates, are particularly susceptible to wildfires, as they are unable to outrun flames and can’t survive intense heat, Hyman notes.

To investigate how these aggregates might form, Hyman’s team focused on a protein called FUS that has mutant forms associated with ALS.

Returning to his lab, Hyman and his colleagues found that ATP worked exceptionally well as a hydrotrope.

Mark Hyman, MD, best-selling author, and current chair of the Institute of Functional Medicine, sees it as anything but quackery.

Sulfur boosts glutathione because glutathione is, in part, made up of sulfur molecules, explains Hyman.

Dr. Mark Hyman on why doctors and the health system has it all wrong.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Carter Fleiss and Hyman are in good company.

One of the detectives detailed to this assignment was Hyman Ginsburg.

His yearly income, about this time, was nearly cut in two by the withdrawal of Hyman Groll from the firm.

Include as a factor Hyman by all means, for lacking him our chain of chancy coincidence would lack a most vital link.

Among his greatest admirers were a Jewish family named Hyman, who lived next door to him.

"Look at Hyman, in that tree over yonder," said Hal, nodding in the direction.