[hahy-mee-nee-uh m]

noun, plural hy·me·ni·a [hahy-mee-nee-uh] /haɪˈmi ni ə/. Mycology.

the sporogenous layer in a fungus, composed of asci or basidia often interspersed with various sterile structures, as paraphyses.

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Origin of hymenium

From New Latin, dating back to 1820–30; see origin at hymen, -ium

Related formshy·me·ni·al, adjectivesub·hy·me·ni·al, adjectivesub·hy·me·ni·um, noun, plural sub·hy·me·ni·a.

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British Dictionary definitions for hymenium


noun plural -nia (-nɪə) or -niums

(in basidiomycetous and ascomycetous fungi) a layer of cells some of which produce the spores
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Plural hymenia

The spore-bearing layer of the fruiting body of certain fungi, containing asci or basidia.
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