1. a combining form meaning “sleep,” “hypnosis,” used in the formation of compound words: hypnotherapy.

Origin of hypno-

<Greek hýpno(s) sleep; see Hypnos
  • Also especially before a vowel, hypn-.

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How to use hypno- in a sentence

  • As soon as we could furnish hypno-mech indoctrination in Kharanda to other psychists, I sent them along.

    Time Crime | H. Beam Piper
  • hypno-surgery sees to it the guys who went through the thing won't talk about it.

    Voyage To Eternity | Milton Lesser
  • Doc, are you sure your boys have hypo'd, couched, and hypno'd the Leo crew with everything you've got?

    Alien Offer | Al Sevcik
  • Lucy, go to bed and turn on the hypno and try to get some sleep.

    One Way | Miriam Allen deFord
  • I think I can find it, but I'll need some special equipment, and a hypno-mech indoctrination.

    Police Operation | H. Beam Piper

British Dictionary definitions for hypno-


combining form
  1. indicating sleep: hypnophobia

  2. relating to hypnosis: hypnotherapy

Origin of hypno-

from Greek hupnos sleep

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