[ hahy-pok-uh-riz-uh m, hi- ]
/ haɪˈpɒk əˌrɪz əm, hɪ- /


a pet name.
the practice of using a pet name.
the use of forms of speech imitative of baby talk, especially by an adult.

Origin of hypocorism

First recorded in 1840–50, hypocorism is from the Greek word hypokórisma pet name. See hypocoristic, -ism
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British Dictionary definitions for hypocorism

/ (haɪˈpɒkəˌrɪzəm) /


a pet name, esp one using a diminutive affix`` Sally '' is a hypocorism for `` Sarah ''
another word for euphemism (def. 1)

Derived forms of hypocorism

hypocoristic (ˌhaɪpəkɔːˈrɪstɪk), adjectivehypocoristically, adverb

Word Origin for hypocorism

C19: from Greek hupokorisma, from hupokorizesthai to use pet names, from hypo- beneath + korizesthai, from korē girl, koros boy
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