Zoology. an underlayer of epithelial cells in arthropods and certain other invertebrates that secretes substances for the overlying cuticle or exoskeleton.
Botany. a tissue or layer of cells beneath the epidermis.

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Also hy·po·derm [hahy-puh-durm] /ˈhaɪ pəˌdɜrm/.

Origin of hypodermis

First recorded in 1865–70; hypo- + -dermis

Related formshy·po·der·mal, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for hypoderm



a variant of hypodermis
Derived Formshypodermal, adjective




botany a layer of thick-walled supportive or water-storing cells beneath the epidermis in some plants
zoology the epidermis of arthropods, annelids, etc, which secretes and is covered by a cuticle

Word Origin for hypodermis

C19: from hypo- + epidermis

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An epidermal layer of cells that secretes an overlying chitinous cuticle, as in arthropods.
tela subcutanea

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