or hy·po·gae·al, hy·po·ge·ous, hy·po·gae·ous

[hahy-puh-jee-uh l, hip-uh-]
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Origin of hypogeal

1680–90; < Latin hypogē(us) (< Greek hypógeios underground, subterranean, equivalent to hypo- hypo- + earth + -ios adj. suffix) + -al1
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Related Words for hypogeous

buried, hypogeal, subterranean, subterrestrial, sunken, underfoot

British Dictionary definitions for hypogeous


  1. another word for hypogeal



  1. occurring or living below the surface of the ground
  2. botany of or relating to seed germination in which the cotyledons remain below the ground, because of the growth of the epicotyl

Word Origin for hypogeal

C19: from Latin hypogēus, from Greek hupogeios, from hypo- + earth
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hypogeous in Science


  1. Relating to the germination of a seed in which the cotyledons remain below the surface of the ground. Compare epigeous.
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