[ hahy-poth-uh-nahr, -ner, hahy-puh-thee-ner ]
/ haɪˈpɒθ əˌnɑr, -nər, ˌhaɪ pəˈθi nər /


the fleshly prominence on the palm at the base of the little finger.


of, relating to, or situated on the hypothenar.

Origin of hypothenar

First recorded in 1700–10; hypo- + thenar
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Examples from the Web for hypothenar

  • In the ox and the horse we meet with no vestige of the muscles of the thenar or hypothenar eminences.

Medical definitions for hypothenar

[ hī′pō-thēnär′, -nər, hī-pŏthə- ]


The fleshy mass at the medial side of the palm.antithenar

Other words from hypothenar

hy′po•thenar adj.
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