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[ hahy-puh-thet-i-klee ]


  1. according to what is assumed as a premise in an argument:

    Hypothetically, without friction or other resistance a toy car on a track could cruise along indefinitely, provided it never went higher than its starting point.

  2. in a way that is theoretically possible but not proven; conjecturally; speculatively:

    Hypothetically, these nanobots would be able to traverse any type of terrain and would therefore be ideal for exploration missions on other planets.

    While hypothetically this could be the case, you appear to have no evidence to support it.

  3. according to what is assumed or imagined; supposedly:

    I do legal transcription and hypothetically clean the house while my children are at school.

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  • un·hy·po·thet·i·cal·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Senate staffers generally say it’s good to look at what’s already passed in the House to get a sense of what a hypothetical Democratic-controlled Senate might take up.

From Vox

In an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” she tried to set up a hypothetical in which Biden were president during the outbreak.

For instance, if Party A wins 10 out of 15 seats with 70 percent of the vote in an actual election, then Party B, in a hypothetical election, should win 10 seats if it had 70 percent of the vote.

These surveys generally ask about a hypothetical FDA-approved vaccine.

From Vox

For example, consider a hypothetical helicopter with a 30-foot rotor turning at 400 rpm.

One group of “Anons” could be pro-choice, another pro-life—at least hypothetically.

Hagel has also been more reluctant than Obama to support, even hypothetically, military action against Iran.

So instead of going (hypothetically) to $71,000 from $69,000, it would go to $70,000.

In other words, a Palestinian from Susya could, hypothetically, apply for a permit on the 5% off-chance that it will be accepted.

Palin could hypothetically skip the debates and any national interviews with anyone other than Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck.

Ibn Daud does not adopt eternity of motion even hypothetically, as Maimonides does.

We only put the case hypothetically, but he would not admit it even so; he said, it is morally and metaphysically impossible.

The former must be rendered hypothetically: They cannot be renewed after falling away if they persist in crucifying, etc.

These axioms, and so-called definitions are themselves exactly, and not merely hypothetically, true.

He adds, hypothetically, that perhaps the letters received at Dieppe “did somewhat discourage me.”





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