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/ hɪˈstɛrɪks /


  1. an attack of hysteria
  2. informal.
    wild uncontrollable bursts of laughter

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Example Sentences

“I have a horror of hysterics or sentimentality,” he explained.

If I lost my kid on the subway, I would probably collapse into complete hysterics almost immediately.

And as soon as James yelled “cut,” they both burst into hysterics.

Though she prefers the phrase “going away” to the word “jail,” which sent her into hysterics in a recent episode.

The Newsroom transforms its female characters into hysterics and fools.

Briefly—Joan's silk tent had been torn, and the girl was in a state bordering upon hysterics.

Boyson saw clearly that excitement and anger had struck down her nervous power, that she might faint or go into hysterics.

At any rate, he had waked up the whole floor and scared Miss Quirley almost into hysterics.

The chapel became a place of weeping, and some, after gazing intently upon the preacher, fell down in hysterics.

Marriage will not cure hysteria,—the worst cases are married women, and they beget other hysterics in spreading succession.