hysteron proteron

[ his-tuh-ron prot-uh-ron ]

  1. a figure of speech in which the logical order of two elements in discourse is reversed, as in “bred and born” for “born and bred.”

Origin of hysteron proteron

1555–65; <Late Latin <Greek hýsteron (neuter of hýsteros) latter + próteron (neuter of próteros) former

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British Dictionary definitions for hysteron proteron

hysteron proteron

/ (ˈhɪstəˌrɒn ˈprɒtəˌrɒn) /

  1. logic a fallacious argument in which the proposition to be proved is assumed as a premise

  2. rhetoric a figure of speech in which the normal order of two sentences, clauses, etc, is reversed, as in bred and born (for born and bred)

Origin of hysteron proteron

C16: from Late Latin, from Greek husteron proteron the latter (placed as) former

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