I told you so

I warned you in advance, especially of a bad outcome. For example, It's too bad your guests didn't get along with each other, but remember, I told you so.

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How to use I told you so in a sentence

  • She did not explain this statement in further detail After hitting Obama on foreign policy, Palin decided to play I-told-you-so.

  • His glance on its way back to the judge met that of Blodgett, which had both a warning and an "I-told-you-so" quality in it.

    Lightnin' | Frank Bacon
  • I stood there in the quiet hall, the old clock ticking away a solemn "I-told-you-so!"

    On the Church Steps | Sarah C. Hallowell
  • She resented his I-told-you-so air, but she could not help admiring the masterful way in which he had gained his end.

  • It gives one such a comfortable I-told-you-so sort of feeling to have everything turn out as you prophesied it would.

  • Behind him, tall and disapproving, with an I-told-you-so in her eye, stood Aunt Maria.

    The Man of the Desert | Grace Livingston Hill