[ ahy-beks ]
/ ˈaɪ bɛks /

noun, plural i·bex·es, ib·i·ces [ib-uh-seez, ahy-buh-] /ˈɪb əˌsiz, ˈaɪ bə-/, (especially collectively) i·bex.

any of several wild goats of the genus Capra, inhabiting mountainous regions of Eurasia and North Africa, having long, recurved horns.

Origin of ibex

Borrowed into English from Latin around 1600–10
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/ (ˈaɪbɛks) /

noun plural ibexes, ibices (ˈɪbɪˌsiːz, ˈaɪ-) or ibex

any of three wild goats, Capra ibex, C. caucasica, or C. pyrenaica, of mountainous regions of Europe, Asia, and North Africa, having large backward-curving horns

Word Origin for ibex

C17: from Latin: chamois
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