ice bridge


Canadian a body of ice that forms across the width of a river and is strong enough to bear traffic

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Historical Examples of ice bridge

  • His only hope lay in the possibility that they might not dare to follow him across the ice-bridge.

    Our Boys


  • An ice-bridge was out of the question for at least two months to come.

    The Bastonnais

    John Lesperance

  • The vast quantities of ice pouring over the precipice would freeze together, agglomerate, and form an ice-bridge.

  • As for Juanna, she turned her back to the ice-bridge, at which she scarcely dared to look, and sat herself upon a rock.

    The People Of The Mist

    H. Rider Haggard

  • A party of friends met them with a huge touring car, and carried them on a flying 22 trip to the ice-bridge at Niagara Falls.

    The Hallowell Partnership

    Katharine Holland Brown