ice bucket


  1. a cylindrical container for holding ice to use in drinks or to keep a wine bottle cold.

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Example Sentences

No matter what you’re drinking, an ice bucket is an easy way to elevate the experience.

A group of bullies tricked an autistic boy into doing the popular Ice Bucket Challenge—only the bucket was full of human waste.

The Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $50 million in the past three months largely by accident.

In terms of the financial success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Dead also had some financial success in an unusual way.

In fact, you could say Deadheads invented viral marketing like the Ice Bucket Challenge.

And those who take issue with the ice bucket challenge have found an unexpected spokesperson in Jackass alum Steve-O.

He took the hint, and when the waiter brought our late dinner, the ice bucket had eight frosty bottles.

Afterwards the ice-bucket was replenished and fresh glasses placed near the spirit-tantalus.





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