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ice-cream parlor


  1. an establishment serving ice cream, sodas, etc., from a soda fountain.

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Example Sentences

He would be Cory Booker, who has promised to lead a campaign jog to a local ice cream parlor.

She spoke over the afternoon hum of Serendipity, the famous Upper East Side ice-cream parlor.

As he sat there young Jim Hands drove up with his girl, alighted, and went into the ice-cream parlor for refreshment.

There is also a rest room at the ice cream parlor and back of the church there is another hall.

A small boy who wanted to make a good impression once took his little sweetheart to an ice cream parlor.

They entered a little ice cream parlor, and Frank treated—one ice cream and a glass of soda water all around.

To illustrate: just a few days ago I "carried" two girls into an "ice-cream parlor."


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