ice crystals

plural noun

, Meteorology.
  1. precipitation consisting of small, slowly falling crystals of ice.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ice crystals1

First recorded in 1840–50

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Example Sentences

The quicker the finished product gets into the hardening cabinet, the smaller the ice crystals.

The large powerful motor keeps the paddle moving through the ice cream mixture, preventing big ice crystals from forming.

It was now nearly calm and in every crack and chink in the snow-bridges beautiful fern-like ice-crystals were seen.

There would be ice-crystals in the very centre of his heart, that heart that had glowed so fiercely with the lust of life.

The heath lay shrouded in a blue-gray mist, and sparkling ice-crystals were flying through the clear winter air.

Every part of it is covered with little glittering swellings which shine in the sun like minute ice crystals.

I also find that the formation of ice crystals in wet mud has been observed in the clays about Boston by Marbut and Woodworth.


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