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[ ahy-kon ]
/ ˈaɪ kɒn /


a picture, image, or other representation.
Eastern Church. a representation of some sacred personage, as Christ or a saint or angel, painted usually on a wood surface and venerated itself as sacred.
a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it: an icon of womanhood.
a person or thing that is revered or idolized: Elvis Presley is a cultural icon of the 20th century.
Computers. a picture or symbol that appears on a monitor and is used to represent a command, as a file drawer to represent filing.
Semiotics. a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it.


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portrait, symbol, figure, idol, picture, portrayal, representation, likeness, ikon

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Also i·kon, ei·kon (for defs 1, 2).

Origin of icon

1565–75; < Latin < Greek eikṓn likeness, image, figure
2 See image.
Can be confusedicon ikon

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a combining form meaning “image,” “likeness,” used in the formation of compound words: iconology.
Also especially before a vowel, icon-.

Origin of icono-

< Latin < Greek eikono-, combining form of eikṓn icon Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈaɪkɒn) /


Also: ikon a representation of Christ, the Virgin Mary, or a saint, esp one painted in oil on a wooden panel, depicted in a traditional Byzantine style and venerated in the Eastern Church
an image, picture, representation, etc
a person or thing regarded as a symbol of a belief, nation, community, or cultural movement
a person regarded as a sex symbol or as a symbol of the latest fashion trends
a pictorial representation of a facility available on a computer system, that enables the facility to be activated by means of a screen cursor rather than by a textual instruction

Word Origin for icon

C16: from Latin, from Greek eikōn image, from eikenai to be like

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before a vowel icon-

combining form

indicating an image or likenessiconology

Word Origin for icono-

from Greek: icon
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also ikon, 1570s, "image, figure, representation," from Late Latin icon, from Greek eikon "likeness, image, portrait," related to eikenai "be like, look like," of unknown origin. Eastern Church sense is attested from 1833. Computing sense first recorded 1982.

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[ īkŏn′ ]

In a graphical user interface, a picture on the screen that represents a specific file, directory, window, or program. Clicking on an icon will start the associated program or open the associated file, directory, or window.
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Culture definitions for icon


An image used in worship in the Eastern Orthodox Church and among other Christians (see also Christian) of similar traditions. Icons depict Jesus, Mary, and the saints, usually in a severe, symbolic, nonrealistic way.

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