[ ahy-dee-uh-lawg, -log, id-ee-, ahy-dee- ]


  1. a person who zealously advocates an ideology.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ideologue1

1805–15; < French idéologue; ideo-, -logue

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Example Sentences

Yet Youngkin looks more formidable than McAuliffe’s 2013 foe, then-state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who was easy to cast as a right-wing ideologue and couldn’t keep pace with McAuliffe in fundraising.

Overcoming the filibuster is a job for moderates, not ideologues.

On the other hand, Youngkin may be a more formidable foe than McAuliffe’s 2013 opponent, then-Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who was easy to portray as a right-wing ideologue and trailed McAuliffe badly in fundraising.

Free market ideologues will call the push for smarter regulation or more public investment “socialist.”

From Time

Whatever lightheartedness he may have had when he was younger is gone — we should see him above all as a committed ideologue.

From Vox

“And based on her tweets, she's not an ideologue, or one of these crazy celebrity left-wingers,” Hosenball said.

I warmed to him immediately—it was impossible not to—unless you are a demented ideologue who has lost normal human reactions.

Between a secular moralist and an ideologue, there is a softer, more human middle that Soyinka occupies.

He was an incendiary, anti-Semitic ideologue whose silencing poses no threat to real freedom of speech.

And even when a non-ideologue emerges on the GOP side, he or she often does so bloodied from the primary.