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  1. Indo-Germanic.

  2. Inspector General.

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How to use Ig in a sentence

  • To render it plural, as well as the pronoun, the appropriate general plurals ug and un or Ig and in, must be superadded.

    The Indian in his Wigwam | Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • Pfennig, pfen′Ig, n. a German copper coin, the hundredth part of a mark.

  • The Ig is either a clerical error of the monkish scribe for y, or the g is a silent letter producing the quantity of the vowel.

  • “Nin ge wen e win Ig, ne won e win Ig”—that is—Moowis, Moowis, you have led me astray—you are leading me astray.

    The Indian in his Wigwam | Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • Kun‑servo (or kuneco de servo) kun‑Ig‑as la mort‑em-(ul)-ojn, kaj mal‑akr‑Ig‑as la sent‑on de ilia kun‑a mort‑em‑ec‑o.

    International Language | Walter J. Clark

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abbreviation for
  1. Indo-Germanic (languages)

  2. Inspector General

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