[ ig-nahy-tron, ig-ni-tron ]
/ ɪgˈnaɪ trɒn, ˈɪg nɪ trɒn /

noun Electronics.

a cathode-arc vacuum tube with an auxiliary electrode projecting into a pool of mercury: it conducts current when the anode is positive.

Origin of ignitron

First recorded in 1930–35; igni(ter) + -tron
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British Dictionary definitions for ignitron

/ (ɪɡˈnaɪtrɒn, ˈɪɡnɪˌtrɒn) /


a mercury-arc rectifier controlled by a subsidiary electrode, the igniter, partially immersed in a mercury cathode. A current passed between igniter and cathode forms a hot spot sufficient to strike an arc between cathode and anode

Word Origin for ignitron

C20: from igniter + electron
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