[ ig-uh-roht, ee-guh- ]
/ ˌɪg əˈroʊt, ˌi gə- /

noun, plural Ig·o·rots, (especially collectively) Ig·o·rot.

a member of a people of the Malay stock in northern Luzon in the Philippines, comprising various tribes, some noted as headhunters.
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Igorrote (ˌɪɡəˈrəʊtɪ, ˌiːɡə-)

/ (ˌɪɡəˈrəʊt, ˌiːɡə-) /

noun plural -rot, -rots, -rote or -rotes

a member of a Negrito people of the mountains of N Luzon in the Philippines: noted as early exponents of mining
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