[ ih-gwah-nuh ]
/ ɪˈgwɑ nə /


a large, arboreal lizard, Iguana iguana, native to Central and South America, having stout legs and a crest of spines from neck to tail.
any of various related lizards of the genera Iguana, Ctenosaura, Conolophus, and Amblyrhynchus.

Origin of iguana

1545–55; < Spanish < Arawak iwana
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/ (ɪˈɡwɑːnə) /


either of two large tropical American arboreal herbivorous lizards of the genus Iguana, esp I. iguana (common iguana), having a greyish-green body with a row of spines along the back: family Iguanidae
Also called: iguanid (ɪˈɡwɑːnɪd) any other lizard of the tropical American family Iguanidae
another name for leguaan

Derived Forms

iguanian, noun, adjective

Word Origin for iguana

C16: from Spanish, from Arawak iwana
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