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  1. independent identically distributed (of random variables)

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How to use iid in a sentence

  • It is interesting to note that "All alients for roulinge on the sande te paye pr tonn iid."

    The Cornwall Coast | Arthur L. Salmon
  • After all, a talking tllooll and a talking shiyooch'iid all at one time is quite a lot to ask.

    Show Business | William C. Boyd
  • Onto de stage came a tllooll (you know him, I t'ink), and a shiyooch'iid.

    Show Business | William C. Boyd
  • Now iid slap Jud himself on the back if it would do me any good.

    Center Rush Rowland | Ralph Henry Barbour
  • It was then perceived, but too late, how greatly Philip the iid.