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[il-in-ten-shuh nd]
  1. having malicious intentions: an ill-intentioned criticism that was meant more to hurt than to help.
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Examples from the Web for ill-intentioned

Historical Examples

  • But ill-intentioned men were posted at several places along my route.

    The Daughter of Heaven

    Judith Gautier

  • Although it was plain that no great boldness was in his spirit, it was also clear that his mind was not ill-intentioned.

    The Vinland Champions

    Ottilie A. Liljencrantz

  • Let us remember that he was good-hearted, and not ill-intentioned, though imbued with the false ideas of his day.

    The Wits and Beaux of Society

    Grace & Philip Wharton

  • And yet it would be most unjust to represent him as a deliberately bad or ill-intentioned man.