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[ il-ee-gal-i-tee ]


, plural il·le·gal·i·ties.
  1. illegal condition or quality; unlawfulness.
  2. an illegal act.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of illegality1

From the Medieval Latin word illēgālitās, dating back to 1630–40. See illegal, -ity

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Example Sentences

A new international tribunal to try Russia’s leaders must affirm the illegality of aggressive war and reveal the connections between crimes against peace and other war crimes.

From Time

The illegality of some PEDs is part of the problem in determining side effects and how dangerous they may be.

From Vox

Having the state or their agents investigate people in their homes and make any kind of implication of illegality is extremely intimidating and is the logical extension of voter suppression efforts that we’re seeing in other states.

If this audit comes out with baseless claims of illegality, we know some Arizona Republican representatives will use this as a pretext for legislation to suppress voting access.

It was the kind of political illegality that Doar and his 500 poll watchers had been looking for.

As with the drug trade, much of the violence associated with sex work is exacerbated by its illegality.

In 1951, two controversial Paramount films tackled the continued illegality of abortion head-on.

No one had ever questioned the illegality of it, as she was over the age of consent at the time.

As blacks were forbidden to strike it was called a "stay-at-home" but the cosmetic phrase did not hide the illegality.

Whenever a marriage can be set aside for some illegality, and is not, it will sustain her dower on his death.

Jansoulet adorning himself with Jenkins's ribbon might very well have been guilty of illegality.

Legality and illegality, those terms have no meaning to a man of the Industrial Workers of the World.

They delayed, however, from week to week, while they renewed their protests against the illegality of the court.

His reply was an urgent remonstrance against the resolution on the ground of illegality.


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