[ ih-lis-it ]
/ ɪˈlɪs ɪt /


not legally permitted or authorized; unlicensed; unlawful.
disapproved of or not permitted for moral or ethical reasons.

Origin of illicit

From the Latin word illicitus, dating back to 1645–55. See il-2, licit
Related formsil·lic·it·ly, adverbil·lic·it·ness, noun
Can be confusedelicit illicitillegal illicit (see synonym study at illegal) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ɪˈlɪsɪt) /


another word for illegal
not allowed or approved by common custom, rule, or standardillicit sexual relations
Derived Formsillicitly, adverbillicitness, noun
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Word Origin and History for illicitly



c.1500, from Old French illicite (14c.) "unlawful, forbidden," from Latin illicitus "not allowed, unlawful, illegal," from assimilated form of in- "not, opposite of" (see in- (1)) + licitus "lawful," past participle of licere "to be allowed" (see licence). Related: Illicitly.

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