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[verb il-yooz; noun il-yoos]
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verb (used with object), ill-used, ill-us·ing.
  1. to treat badly, unjustly, cruelly, etc.
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  1. Also ill-us·age. bad, unjust, or cruel treatment.
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Origin of ill-use

First recorded in 1835–45
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Related Words

ill-use, exhaust, squander, overwork, maltreat, taint, overburden, mishandle, dissipate, spoil, mistreat, misuse, waste, prostitute, overtax, ill-treat, misemploy

British Dictionary definitions for illuse


verb (ˈɪlˈjuːz)
  1. to use badly or cruelly; abuse; maltreat
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noun (ˈɪlˈjuːs) ill-usage
  1. harsh or cruel treatment; abuse
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