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[ ih-maj-uh-nuh-buhl ]


  1. capable of being imagined or conceived.

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Other Words From

  • i·magi·na·ble·ness noun
  • i·magi·na·bly adverb
  • unim·agi·na·ble adjective
  • unim·agi·na·ble·ness noun
  • unim·agi·na·bly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of imaginable1

1325–75; Middle English < Late Latin imāginābilis, equivalent to Latin imāginā ( ) to imagine + -bilis -ble

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Example Sentences

“Slavery, in every way imaginable, was central to the project of designing, funding, building, and maintaining the school,” it concluded.

The successful part of the season, the stretch that has made the postseason imaginable, is the part where the team was his to maneuver as deliberately as he wished.

In some stores, sophisticated systems are tracking customers in almost every imaginable way, from recognizing their faces to gauging their age, their mood, and virtually gussying them up with makeup.

The Republican cult of victimhood is dangerous because if you believe that you have been wronged by forces beyond your control, you may also believe that you are justified in fighting back by any means imaginable.

“Such a violation of physical integrity is no longer imaginable today,” Dekker added in a statement.

I disagree with Spencer on pretty much everything imaginable, but I concur on this.

The one flavor you can always count on, however, is rich chocolate, the most chocolaty food imaginable.

In 2012, he voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, one of the purest excresences of crony capitalism imaginable.

But it might just produce some of the more narcissistic and voyeuristic tech imaginable.

No imaginable circumstance could make a reasonable Ford-owner think, “Damn, I should have bought that Ferrari.”

He insisted upon my staying a while, and we had the most amusing and entertaining conversation imaginable.

An old weather-beaten bear-hunter stepped forward, squirting out his tobacco juice with all imaginable deliberation.

The Americans will endeavour by all imaginable means to induce us to help them against Spain.

He was kind enough to interest himself for us in the warmest manner imaginable.

In fact, to hear Skipper Worse utter the word Romarino was one of the most ludicrous things imaginable.


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