[ im-uh-jing ]
/ ˈɪm ə dʒɪŋ /


Psychology. a technique in which one uses mental images to control bodily processes and thus ease pain or to succeed in some endeavor that one has visualized in advance.
Medicine/Medical. the use of computerized axial tomography, sonography, or other specialized techniques and instruments to obtain pictures of the interior of the body, especially those including soft tissues.

Origin of imaging

1660–70 for earlier sense “imagination”; image + -ing1

Definition for imaging (2 of 2)

[ im-ij ]
/ ˈɪm ɪdʒ /


verb (used with object), im·aged, im·ag·ing.

Origin of image

1175–1225; (noun) Middle English < Old French image, imagene (-ene apparently construed as suffix) < Latin imāgin-, stem of imāgō a copy, likeness, equivalent to im- (cf. imitate) + -āgō noun suffix; (verb) Middle English: to form a mental picture < Old French imagier, derivative of image


1, 12 Image, icon, idol refer to material representations of persons or things. An image is a representation as in a statue or effigy, and is sometimes regarded as an object of worship: to set up an image of Apollo; an image of a saint. An icon, in the Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church, is a representation of Christ, an angel, or a saint, in painting, relief, mosaic, or the like: At least two icons are found in each church. An idol is an image, statue, or the like representing a deity and worshiped as such: a wooden idol; The heathen worship idols. It may be used figuratively: to make an idol of wealth.
2 likeness, figure, representation.
3 notion.
6 facsimile.

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British Dictionary definitions for imaging

/ (ˈɪmɪdʒ) /


verb (tr)

Derived forms of image

imageable, adjectiveimageless, adjective

Word Origin for image

C13: from Old French imagene, from Latin imāgō copy, representation; related to Latin imitārī to imitate
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Medical definitions for imaging (1 of 2)

[ ĭmĭ-jĭng ]


Visualization of internal body organs, tissues, or cavities using specialized instruments and techniques for diagnostic purposes.
The use of mental images to influence bodily processes, especially to control pain.

Medical definitions for imaging (2 of 2)

[ ĭmĭj ]


An optically formed duplicate or other representative reproduction of an object, especially an optical reproduction of an object formed by a lens or mirror.
A mental picture of something not real or present.
An exact copy of data in a computer file transferred to another medium.


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Scientific definitions for imaging

[ ĭmĭ-jĭng ]

The creation of visual representations of objects, such as a body parts or celestial bodies, for the purpose of medical diagnosis or data collection, using any of a variety of usually computerized techniques. Within the field of medicine, important imaging technologies include compuertized axial tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasonography.
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see spitting image.

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