or I·man

[ ee-mahn ]


  1. Islam. inward faith or belief in Islam:

    I have known many of these young Muslims, and I bear witness that I find strength in their iman, firmness in their convictions, truth in their words, and sincerity in their work.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of iman1

From Arabic ʾīmān “faith, belief, recognition,” from ʾāmana “have faith, believe, recognize”

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Example Sentences

New York Knick Iman Schumpert will rap the track “Pass the Rock.”

Fine also rushed products off to his best friend, model Iman, who has her own makeup line for women of color as well.

In one, Iman wears a dress that appears to be bursting into flames.

Then Iman came along, enlisting them to shoot the cover for her book I Am Iman.

Iman came along next, asking them to shoot the cover for her book I Am Iman.

A fanatic Iman deplored, in his sermons, the scandalous neighborhood, and accused the weakness or indifference of the faithful.

He invited us to follow him to the mosque of Iman Riza: there he bade us perform the usual ablutions.

He was made iman of a mosque of Jenne in 1631, but was later deprived of that honor.

The iman went home well pleased, and drew up a memorial, resolving to present it to the caliph the next day.

The iman of the division I live in is an old man, of an austere countenance, and the greatest hypocrite in the world.