imitative magic

  1. magic that attempts to control the universe through the mimicking of a desired event, such as by stabbing an image of an enemy in an effort to destroy them or by performing a ritual dance imitative of the growth of food in an effort to secure an abundant supply; a branch of sympathetic magic based on the belief that similar actions produce similar results.: Compare contagious magic.

  • Also called homeopathic magic.

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How to use imitative magic in a sentence

  • Collins believed that this was imitative magic of a familiar kind, done to secure success in the chase.

  • imitative magic is based on a belief which obtains general currency that the effect resembles the cause which produces it.

  • The examples from this last group illustrate Frazers distinction between contagious magic and imitative magic.

    Totem and Taboo | Sigmund Freud
  • First let us examine the simpler and more important case of imitative magic.

    Totem and Taboo | Sigmund Freud
  • The acts appear to be simply procedures of imitative magic, customs sanctified by long usage.