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[ ih-mens-lee ]


  1. very much; extremely ( def ):

    Guiding students to excel in their studies has been immensely satisfying.

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Example Sentences

Over the next two weeks, state officials moved forward with importing the South Korean tests — an effort that Hogan repeatedly described as immensely complicated.

What’s unique about pandemic-related grief, however, is that it’s both immensely personal and societally consuming.

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The dreams added immensely to the resources Jung could draw upon in crafting his theories.

In this digital age, where people mostly spend their time online on social networking sites, it will benefit your business immensely to leverage the power of integrated CRO and social media.

Initially, the supplemental pandemic unemployment helped immensely.

From Fortune

He is an immensely talented quarterback who has dedicated his entire life to athletic excellence and discipline.

Today, she stands out much like she has her entire life, though her confidence has grown immensely.

In the 1980s, hemophiliacs suffered immensely (PDF) from the presence of HIV in the blood supply.

Runner-Up: Pauline Etienne, Eden I could not take my eyes off this immensely talented Belgian actress.

The immensely strong hold of the Bible Belt culture transcends nearly every aspect of lesbian life in southern Mississippi.

Nearly all our great intervales might be irrigated immensely to the profit of their cultivators.

She is immensely rich, one of the ablest political women in London, and Jack is desperately in love with her.

With little hesitation she did so, in view of the immensely superior force displayed.

David Arden's immensely increased wealth enables him to entertain very magnificent plans for this young man.

There the quantity of barren overlying rock and earth is enormous, and detracts immensely from the value of the mines.