[ im-uh-nuhnt-lee ]


  1. very soon; at any moment:

    Kiribati is one of many small island nations that are imminently threatened by the effects of global climate change.

    The store is due to open imminently, but there are some last-minute renovations yet to complete.

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We’re about to commemorate the end of the growing season — and the imminent end to a year that has been difficult on so many levels — with Thanksgiving, a traditional celebration of the year’s bounty.

The pending bill would restrict the use of seclusion and restraint and allow them only when there is an “imminent” danger of serious physical harm.

We’ve got some treatments that reduce symptoms and some vaccines in the works, but no imminent rescue.

Pavlov’s slobbering dog learned that a bell meant food, and that the food would taste a certain way—but also that the food was imminent.

As of July, sales were expected to decline only about 2 to 3 percent this year, despite a pandemic that has created an imminent threat to respiratory health.

From Vox

They are imminently necessary given geo-political conditions.

Predictions that the world would imminently "run out of oil" have been worrying oil consumers since at least the 1920s.

Hence the immediate rumors that negotiations with Shas are proceeding and that it too will join the coalition imminently.

A source told The Daily Mirror's website today: "The photographer is expected to be held for questioning imminently."

She would be imminently stronger running to succeed a President Obama whose policies have finally brought the nation through.

It was too obvious now that their situation was imminently perilous to need the aid of language to confirm it.

It was deemed imminently a time of danger to the general interests of the nation and the Union itself.

The greatness of the shock had passed, and she had to concern herself imminently with all the bustle of Osborn's departure.

The necessity for securing an independent position seemed to press imminently upon her.

The breeze was freshening every moment; indeed the situation of the strange ship must soon become imminently dangerous.