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[ im-uh-ral-i-tee, im-aw- ]


, plural im·mo·ral·i·ties.
  1. immoral quality, character, or conduct; wickedness; evilness.
  2. sexual misconduct.
  3. an immoral act.


/ ˌɪməˈrælɪtɪ /


  1. the quality, character, or state of being immoral
  2. immoral behaviour, esp in sexual matters; licentiousness; profligacy or promiscuity
  3. an immoral act
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Word History and Origins

Origin of immorality1

First recorded in 1560–70; immoral + -ity
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Example Sentences

Now, she did preach on that — and there was no program given before — but she very much preached on the immorality of same-sex relationships and how you can overcome same-sex attraction.

I also argued some forms of fMRI evidence could illuminate the immorality of schadenfreude, the emotion where you feel pleasure in another person’s or another group’s misfortune.

Magufuli’s detractors were sometimes charged with sedition, “immorality” or “insulting” the president.

The sermon is delivered by a guest preacher, whose main point seems to be the evils of feminism and sexual immorality.

Last week, 500 demonstrators gathered in Tehran to protest against immorality.

A country can live with this kind of immorality for only so long.

The idea that everybody was in on it, and how that group immorality was executed.

No decent person who is made aware of the realities of life under occupation for Palestinians can fail to see its immorality.

It is a great question whether the immorality of these islanders has been lessened by French civilization.

The extent of juvenile immorality in New Zealand may have been greatly magnified abroad.

Sexual immorality is, by its very nature, a clandestine vice.

Immorality appears to be more prevalent now among younger groups in the community.

Many have been the views expressed as to the reasons for this immorality and the suggested remedies.