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[ ih-myoo-tuh-bil-i-tee ]


  1. the state or condition of being unchangeable:

    These findings contradict previous myths about the genetic immutability of intelligence at birth.

    The ancient Christian doctrine of God's immutability states that God doesn't change, has never changed, and will never change.

  2. Computers. (in object-oriented programming) the characteristic of an object with a fixed structure and properties whose values cannot be changed:

    Informing the compiler about the immutability of the variable allows for optimizing the code and logic behind the implementation of the code.

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Example Sentences

We were being socialized to believe that a lopsided power dynamic is immutable.

The science of reading is more about reducing ignorance than finding ultimate, immutable truths applicable to every child.

The first is rather immutable, before it sets up the structure of a sentence.

A modern pattern which relies on immutable Objects from a newer library is more stable.

Whole blocks of code may need to be written in order for your application to accommodate the fact that variable values assigned using Moment somewhere in a call chain can’t be counted on as immutable values inside your application codebase.

AIPAC officials have long argued that American aid “has come to represent the immutability of the U.S.-Israel alliance.”

Notwithstanding His immutability, God is, in all the religions of this world, a veritable Proteus.

Elsewhere223 we have shown that even this very celestial Soul cannot partake of the perfect immutability of intelligible things.

No; he is the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever; and it is his immutability that plunges me into despair.

We left the place not without reflection upon the immutability of things that are earthly.

We need not, then, regard Immutability of the Law as a fundamental dogma with Maimonides.


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