[ im-ped-uh-muhnt ]
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  1. any physical impairment or condition that impedes normal, fluent, or easy speech; a speech disorder.

  1. Chiefly Ecclesiastical Law. a bar, usually of blood or affinity, to marriage: a diriment impediment.

  2. Usually impediments. impedimenta.

Origin of impediment

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English, from Latin impedīmentum; see impede, -ment

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1. See obstacle.

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  • im·ped·i·men·tal [im-ped-uh-men-tl], /ɪmˌpɛd əˈmɛn tl/, im·ped·i·men·ta·ry, adjective
  • non·im·ped·i·men·tal, adjective
  • non·im·ped·i·men·ta·ry, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for impediment


/ (ɪmˈpɛdɪmənt) /

  1. a hindrance or obstruction

  2. a physical defect, esp one of speech, such as a stammer

  1. plural -ments or -menta (-ˈmɛntə) law an obstruction to the making of a contract, esp a contract of marriage by reason of closeness of blood or affinity

Derived forms of impediment

  • impedimental or impedimentary, adjective

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